“I have just finished DAVID and I send you all my congratulations! What a superb story and how brilliantly it is handled. It’s a beautiful book.”

John Julius Norwich
author of BYZANTIUM

“NIA explores with authority two imperfect people who stumble towards an impossible love. Their passion is laid bare with a clinical, unsparing and quiet melancholy. Love flashes from tenderness to ferocity, to a final, futile triumph.”

Dan Needles
author of the WINGFIELD FARM stage plays

“If reading can at times prompt one to look deeper, see their personal life differently, and/or ask broader questions of themselves, then this book, your stories and poetry in SHOWBIZ, AND MORE, has certainly done it for me.”

Laura M.
an ordinary reader

“The literary world does not yet know what it has in I AM COME INTO MY GARDEN, MY SISTER, MY BRIDE.”

Bernice Lever